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Body Wrap Detox Weight Management Treatments

How would you like to embark on a journey to naturally cleanse, nourish, and release toxic waste from your body?  Feel and Look Amazing!

Loose weight and “Keep It Off”

Holistic Approach

A Healthier Relationship with Food



Our Weight and detoxify management is a comprehensive treatment which emphasis in realistic goals and focus on result driven based on individual assessment and needs.  We invite you to a journey in which you will have the opportunity to improve your existing relationship with food.  Your path  will be a non-diet approach to balance, nourish and take the stress out of weight loss.  Upon your initial session you will meet with our Clinical  Intuitive Dietitian.  Your session will consist of a comprehensive nutrition assessment, and set forth a nutrition  plan to meet your needs.  *Key-Note:  Your recommended meal will include a variety of foods and hold no restrictions; however medical conditions will be addressed.


  • Your Comprehensive nutritional assessment forms will need to be completed and received 24- hours prior to your first appointment.


Clinical  Intuitive Dietitian 

First Meeting                                                              1 Hour

Follow up- 7- Days                                                    Half-Hour

Additional Time can be scheduled upon request.  Applicable rates will apply.




Ms. Julie

Clinical  Intuitive Dietitian




A Silent Moment Weight Management & Detox Program


Relax, Beauty and Mind  are all part of your journey to a healthier and skinnier “You”

    • Change your UN-healthy relationship with food.
    • No- Diet approach to loosing weight and “keeping it off”
    • Improve your energy and Rejuvenate
    • Reduce the stress
    • Improving your overall health and digestive ecology- healthy bowel release
    • Reduce and limit heavy-bloating
    • Get Rid of excess waste and abdominal inflammation (weight)

A Silent Moment Detox Program is for you!

We are committed to extend a program and the support necessary for your success.  Our focus is on the mind and body connection to help you feel and look amazing!


1st Treatment (Inclusive)

Consultation  with Dietitian to review objective set realistic goals and review nutritional assessment and meal recommendations.

 Release toxins and shed unwanted toxic waste.

(Using natural/organic alternatives)

Time : 2-3 hr. (including consultation)

7- Day Organic Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanser.  Most people don’t think about liver health in terms of weight loss, but the liver is responsible for helping metabolize fat. It produces bile, which breaks down fat while also working like a filter to clean toxins out of our blood, helping us feel energized. Optimizing your liver health can help you lose weight and meet your goals.

30-Minute Lymphatic Treatment – 60-Minute Detox-Infrared Body Wrap & Face Treatment.


2nd Treatment (7-Days )

90 Minute Treatment + 30 Minute Follow up Dietitian consultation.   (Please note,  you can schedule your follow up consultation within the second week)

Schedule your follow up consultation with Dietitian(30 minute)

Treatment- Lymphatic/30-Minute 60 Minute Skinny Infrared Body Wrap.

Start 10 Day Bowel Cleanse_ Cat’s Claw 


This remarkable product can aid many different stomach and bowel disorders including: 100% Organic/Botanical (non-laxative)
Crohn’s Disease
Gastritis and other intestinal flora imbalances
Focus on issues and concerns of tightening, toning as well as cellulite


3rd Treatment

30-Minute Lymphatic Treatment – 60-Minute Detox-Infrared Body Wrap & Face Treatment.


4th Treatment (*Start of your 2nd Package)

Review Progress: consultation with Dietitian(30 minute)

30-Minute Lymphatic Treatment – 60-Minute Detox-Infrared Body Wrap & Face Treatment.



Your Treatment Body Wraps.

Each treatment will include a 30 Minute Lymphatic massage treatment customized to your individual needs.

Detoxifying Thai Body Wrap. An innovative fusion of rice bran oil, green tea leaf extract, creamy coconut and crisp lemongrass. Detoxifying clays pull toxins from deep within your skin, as pure cane sugar removes expired cells from the surface.

 A Hungarian Cellulite Body Wrap Treatment This very stimulating body wrap helps regenerate collagen fibers, increases oxygen uptake to skin cells, burns cells in fatty tissue and improves cellulite conditions through high blood circulation. We wrap you in a thermal blanket maximizing internal temperature. High amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants from Honey to hydrate and nourishes, and Paprika and Nettle to stimulate while bio-flavonoids combat free radicals. A Silent Moment foot massage is incorporated into the treatment for relaxation. This treatment will leave your skin smooth and glowing and aid in decreasing visible signs of cellulite.



Weekly series of 6 + Recommended!


*We do not endorse this treatments as weight loss; however many clients have experience a significant weight loss based on individual commitment to healthy nutrition and exercise.

Balanced nutrition consisting of: fresh, organic fruits and vegetables and raw nuts and seeds. These foods contain a greater amount of oxygen, enzymes, and other nutrients without toxic pesticide residue. Purchase organic and free-range meat and poultry whenever possible to reduce pesticide, synthetic hormones, and antibiotic contamination.

Water: Drink half your body weight in ounces per day if possible. (body weight in pounds divided by two) Drink distilled or purified water. Avoid tap water.  Most public water contains chlorine, fluoride and other pollutants. Distilled water is good but over time can leach nutrients. Adding raw organic apple cider vinegar to distilled water rectifies this.

Enzymes: Age, illness, poor diet, disease, heredity, and other factors can affect the production of digestive enzymes in the pancreas.

Exercise: Exercise regularly — nearly every day. Include both aerobic exercise and strength training in your routine. Stretching exercises such as yoga or Pilates are a great way to increase your flexibility and improve circulation.

This program, product and treatment not intended to prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease. Consult your primary physician with any recommendations and prior to starting any exercise, weight management program and or cleansing. A Silent Moment treatments and therapist do not give medical advice or replace medical assistance.

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More Info and Recommendations for Treatment

For 24-48 Hours after Treatments:

No coffee , Carbohydrates and minimize alcohol (1 8oz. glass Wine ok)

Water: drink plenty of good, clean water each day

Vegetables: minimum of 5 servings daily

Fruits: minimum of 2 servings daily

Legumes: 1-3 servings daily (i.e., beans, peas, lentils, peanuts, etc.)

Healthy Fats: 3-9 servings daily (i.e., monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, omega3s)


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